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Known since 1987 as A2EP, then A2EP/Norda Stelo in 2008, our company, which employs some 20 people, is the largest engineering office in New Caledonia.

We are now part of the Norda Stelo family, a Canadian company boasting a 60-year tradition of engineering projects in nearly 50 countries. Our local team is now supported by an international network of over 850 engineering specialists. 

Our Story

A Natural Merger

Partnered since 2008 with Norda Stelo, the merger is a natural fit with this team of experts, engineers and technicians in innovative solutions and services for our clients in the mining and metals, energy, manufacturing and processing sectors. These solutions include asset management, ESG initiatives, decarbonization and the STELAR asset management technology platform. Norda Stelo also carries out road, port and rail transport infrastructure projects.


Our team of Caledonians, Madagascans, Metropolitans and Canadians is an innovative combination that fosters a plurality of viewpoints, thoughts, knowledge and experience, which work together to create a unique and stimulating environment that benefits everyone, including current and future clients.

About Norda Stelo

Founded in Quebec in 1963, Norda Stelo is an independent engineering firm. It specializes in integrated projects and supports its clients at every stage, from planning and design to construction management and operation.


Norda Stelo, a Quebec-Canadian company, is a citizen of the world. It takes part in local and international activities. Deeply human and down-to-earth, its commitment to quality, integrity, human relations and value creation is the pride of its employees and partners.

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